Data and privacy policy statement
This website does not use 'cookies' or collect information from visitors in any way. Please be aware that realistically, it is not possible to protect internet or telephone communications such as email or SMS messages. Therefore their confidentiality cannot be assured or assumed. However, there are no 'data base' records kept about such communications. All messages will be deleted either immediately or periodically. Similarly, telephone or video based (e.g. Skype) communications are always vulnerable due to constantly emerging new threats. However, no records of such telephone or internet communications are maintained other than diary and transaction records (i.e. for tax purposes). Clinical records are confidential and only maintained at the required basic minimum level as detailed in the clinical contract. Clinical records are retained as required for such records, which is currently for a period of seven years. This statement does not effect your legal rights for information regarding records about yourself or your access to such records.
I am currently unable to offer new appointments for psychotherapy

Clinical Supervision
For supervision in Putney (SW15), please contact me by email or SMS

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