My approach to clinical supervision informed by humanistic-integrative theory and practice, maintaining awareness of "what is in the field", and attention to the dynamic shifts between foreground and background focus or phenomena in the field.  I draw on psychodynamic, somatic and relational perspectives.

psychotherapy contexts, supervision is usually defined as a learning process which benefits the professional development of practitioners whilst at the same time promoting and safe guarding the well-being of clients/patients. But supervision is equally significant as a space to reflect upon, share and review the rich experiences of clinical practice whilst maintaining confidentiality requirements. In the reflective process, therapist and supervisor jointly create meta-system perspectives of client's material and transference relationships which benefits the integration of theory and clinical practice.

Supervision may also support practitioners with managing ruptures or emphatic failures in the therapeutic relationship or stimulate them to become more involved in their clients dynamic. The supervision process helps to contain, manage and metabolise anxieties arising when client and therapist engage with the unconscious dynamics of relational trauma, dissonant or disorganised embodiment and dissociated feeling states.

The reflective space of supervision is informed by intersubjective experience. The notion of 'parallel process' provides a perspective of how a client-therapist dynamic may be reflected in the therapist-supervisor relationship and come alive as intrapsychic experience, embodied phenomena and relational dynamics. In co-constructed or 'dialogical' relationships, such phenomena may serve as vehicles for the intersubjective context of clinical material.

I am recognised as a supervisor and training supervisor by the Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College of UKCP (HIP-C) and listed in the UKCP supervision directory and by the International Foundation for Biosynthesis (IFB).  I am supervision diploma course tutor at 
Re-Vision Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis and at The Grove Integrative Supervision course and at the Israel Association for Body Psychotherapy.

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